20 Most Promising Logistics Solutions Providers

20 Most Promising Logistics Solutions Providers

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
17. August 2015 08:15

Interview with Josh Miller, Vice President of TMS, CTSI-Global

CIO Review

Logistics as a business concept evolved in the early 1960’s with the dawn of increased complexity concerning supply chain processes. It is an integral fraction of supply chain management and cannot be shunned by industries. The traditional methods of logistics that involve analyzing and tracking inventories fail to comply with the requirements of the present day industry operations. With the introduction of GPS (Global Positioning System) and the Cloud, logistics operations have become incredibly user-friendly, helping businesses to proficiently monitor and keep a track of their business activities.

Currently, the functionalities of logistics have transformed enormously with a significant rise in E-commerce industries, discount stores, and integration of cloud computing. Presently, Logistics providers are offering customers with inbound logistics, multi-enterprise grid functionality and shared distribution networks for efficient manufacturing, storing inventory information and obtaining an integrated view of all their activities.

Citing the swift growth and expansion of manufacturing businesses, the necessity for a competent supply chain has increased immensely. Subsequently, a number of companies have achieved distinction in delivering these services. In the last few months, we have come across hundreds of logistics providers and shortlisted some of the pioneering companies who have helped manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in tackling the challenges related to supply chain management.

Our selection is based on the vendor’s capability to realize the needs of manufactures through supply chain that support core business processes of various industries. Additionally, we evaluated the vendors support through support based on the integration of technological
innovations into their systems.

Today, we present to you CIO Review’s 20 most promising Logistics Technology Solution Providers of 2015.

  • Company: CTSI-Global
  • Description: A leading provider of supply chain management technology which controls all aspects of supply chain operation
  • Key Person: Josh Miller, Vice President of TMS
  • Website: www.ctsi-global.com

CTSI-Global: Carrier Agnostic Logistics Solutions

Operational functionalities of logistics have extended to various areas including integrated planning, intelligent shipping, instant delivery and hassle free product return. To provide adaptable logistics services that support core shipping operations, CTSI-Global took one step
further with their valuable and cost saving logistic solutions. Headquartered in Memphis, TN, CTSI-Global is a leading logistics technology which offers integrated solutions to manage all aspects of supply chain operation physical, informational and financial. “We offer a SaaS based Transportation Management System, Freight Bill, Audit and Payment, BI Management, and Freight & Parcel Cost Reduction Services.

CTSI provides an integration platform to manage and receive all transactions associated with the inbound and outbound movement of freight“Clients can automate the shipping process, utilize workflows to make more informed decisions, track the status of orders and shipments, manage by exception, and utilize BI to identify trends and areas for improvement,” asserts Miller.

CTSI-Global enables unparallel access to transportation data through their state-of-the-art web based, on-demand TMS (Transportation Management System). TMS has a multi-tenant architecture which streamlines manual processes, improves performance levels, increases realtime order visibility and reduces transportation costs.

CTSI-Global’s BI capability is based on SQL database to enable vendors obtain instant access to data and identify developments in logistics operations. “We receive data from carriers, ERP systems and suppliers which can be made available to authorized users,” says Miller. The company’s innovative dashboards combine third party dashboard applications that are integrated within their system and provide a combination of operational and strategic reporting capability. In addition, CTSI-Global has more than 100 weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports in any aspect of logistics operation. Clients can choose from these reports or can customize reporting.“We have executive dash boards and modeling tools that allow clients to
not only track historical trends, but to perform “what if analysis” and focus on predictive analytics. Our special work assignment team (SWOT) comprises of senior level business analysts and technical analysts who work with clients during an on boarding process to create, KPI’s specific to the customer’s transportation network” adds Miller.

CTSI-Global’s domain experts work hand in hand with engineering teams to deliver client specific solutions. As an example, one of their clients in the logistics industry is responsible for packaging and distribution of DVDs for most of the major motion picture industry. In the case of important releases, the client has to deal with over million orders that have to be delivered
within a two or three days delivery window. As a Logistics Service Provider, their customer requires that 99 percent of orders be delivered either on or before the due date. To meet such as tight window all orders need to be tracked, exceptions identified, and delivery commitments met. To accomplish the task, CTSI integrated with the customer’s ERP and inventory management systems, multiple suppliers, and numerous carriers to create a centralized data warehouse with one version of the truth. CTSI then utilized workflow engines and web based dashboards to easily enquire and track a large number of orders. This solution improved client’s service level requirement to their customer and provided new business opportunities for client.

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