Video: 'Thought Leader Life' Interview with CEO Ken Hazen

Video: 'Thought Leader Life' Interview with CEO Ken Hazen

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
12. May 2015 08:15

Thought Leadership Life logoRecently, Mitchell Levy and guest co-host Jim Canfield interviewed Ken Hazen, President and CEO of CTSI-Global, for the business leadership podcast Thought Leader Life.

As part of a month-long series called "Lonely at the Top," Levy and Canfield focused their questions on the role of the CEO, both among peer CEOs and regarding how best to lead employees. Hazen also addressed generational attitudes toward different communications technologies.

Some of the most interesting quotes from the series have been captured in an ebook of "Aha moments," which can be read here. Here is a sample of "Aha" quotes from Hazen's interview:

  • "As the CEO, you become personally invested in the organization. You take care of the employees and their families." - Ken Hazen
  • "In any organization, it's important to have mutual loyalty between the CEO & their team." - Jim Canfield
  • "CEOs don't pay people to say, 'Yes'. You pay people to think." - Ken Hazen

Watch the full video below or check out the audio podcast:

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