There's a New Year Coming

There's a New Year Coming

by Cliff Lynch
23. December 2013 08:00

After another challenging year for many supply chain managers, instead of the "Twelve Days of Christmas", some of us are thinking about the twelve issues of logistics. A continuing sluggish economy, driver shortages, infrastructure issues, CSA 2010 confusion and other uncertainties have made it more difficult to manage even our routine activities.

But challenges can breed innovation and opportunities; and as we prepare for the new year it is important to keep focused on the positive developments in the industry and our own companies. As resources have dwindled as a result of economic conditions, an amazing number of effective solutions to everyday problems have emerged. Many managers have learned that the implementation of transportation and warehouse management systems, for example, can have a significant impact on day to day operations and costs. Others have found that changes in logistics processes and delivery methods have resulted in major improvement. As we prepare for the New Year it is important to remember that logistics professionals have always been flexible, resilient, and able to meet challenges as they arise. 2014 should be no different.

It is also important to remember, particularly at this time of year, that there is life outside the supply chain world; so take some time for family, friends, and yourself, and have a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday season.

See you in January.

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