Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward

by Cliff Lynch
16. October 2013 10:47

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Although the situation in some areas has improved slightly, there are still thousands of people willing, able, and qualified to work, who do not have jobs. Ironically, there are jobs available for many of them, but matching the supply and the demand is often a difficult task. First of all, hiring firms must weed out those who are not qualified, reliable, substance free, or truly motivated. Secondly, unfortunately many applicants at all levels have forgotten how to dress! I realize U.S. workplaces have gotten more casual, and the definition of “business casual” has become elusive to many. But when one is applying for a position, he or she should be at their best. Remember you are dressing for an interview – not the workplace. You can revert to your casual attire when you get the job.

Recently, I helped an organization hire truck drivers. About half of the interviewees wore coats and ties. Half looked as if they had just pushed the lawnmower back into the garage. Coincidentally, in today’s local newspaper there was a nostalgic 1940’s photo of men waiting in a long line to apply for Works Progress Administration jobs. The WPA was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression to create jobs through the building of public facilities. Every man in the photo had on a suit and tie even though most of them hardly knew where their next meal was coming from. Remember, regardless of the position for which you are being interviewed, if you do not show respect for yourself by dressing as well as you can afford, you should not expect others to respect you. The next time you have a job interview, reflect on which tattoos, piercings, jewelry, and whiskers you might hide, and dress appropriately. It will be a good investment in your self worth.

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