Challenges of Heavy-Haul Equipment Transportation

Challenges of Heavy-Haul Equipment Transportation

by Guest Blogger
13. December 2012 11:12

Challenges of Heavy-Haul Equipment Transportation

Transportation vehicles are the basic requirements for transporting the products from one place to another. However, different products and machines have different transportation requirements. Industrial machinery; cumbersome equipment like excavators, tractors and graders; overweight items and fabricated products require heavy-hauling transportation trailers that are specifically manufactured for this purpose. The heavy-haul equipment transportation includes the shipping of heavy machinery and other materials. Handling these transportation vehicles is a challenging job and requires professional skills.

The most commonly faced challenge is to drive these vehicles on the open roads. It is not a cup of tea for normal drivers and requires professionals who are trained to move these huge and large vehicles between different locations. Special management skills are essential to handle the huge vehicle on the road. It is essential to keep the people as well as the equipment loaded in the vehicle safe and sound.

There are various kinds of hauling trailers that are used in the process, and most of the companies prefer to go for professionals who can handle and drive the vehicle with comfort. The two common types of trailers include the open flatbed trailers and closed trailers and are capable enough of even carrying an airplane. Another important requirement for managing the hauling trailer is to distribute the weight of the goods equally so that there exists a balance and prevents the issues of rundown. In order to prevent the shifting of goods during transit, it is necessary to strap them in an appropriate manner.

The closed trailers are also used for transporting heavy goods and are mostly preferred when there are possibilities that the shipment might get damaged due to weather conditions. No matter whether you use an open trailer or a closed one, it is essential that it is manufactured to transport heavy equipment and hence capable of holding huge weight. The truck that is used to move the trailer should also be designed keeping these requirements in mind.

Driving and working with these trailers is not an easy task and requires professionalism. Therefore, most of the companies in this business provide training to their employees who are appointed to handle these hauling trailers. Proper sessions are scheduled to explain to them the importance of weight distribution and the way of driving the vehicle on an open road. The most challenging job is to drive an open flatbed trailer, as it is very low. The drivers who are perfect are only allowed to handle these vehicles as it involves huge risk of injuries and severe accidents on the road. Proper precautions need to be taken while cornering and turning.

The companies in this business are well aware of the risk and challenges associated with the business, and hence they take proper care and precautions in order to prevent any mishap on the road. Most of the firms charge their customers on the basis of the equipment and distance. Proper training and interactive sessions are an effective way of training newcomers who are interested in taking up the challenging job of driving these vehicles.

This post was contributed by Philip Hicks, who blogs on behalf of Loadstar Transportation, the leading heavy-haul transportation company among the trucking companies in Alberta, providing excellent logistics and transportation services across North America.


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