Freight Fun Friday #2: Election Protection promises "Live Free or Fly"

Freight Fun Friday #2: Election Protection promises "Live Free or Fly"

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
12. October 2012 12:18

Live Free or Fly

As Jon Oliver reported for The Daily Show, US presidential campaign advertising spend has reached record high, "which eclipsed the record set in 2008, which eclipsed the record set in 2004." Such cacophony across the airwaves can easily reach fever pitch.

One airline has reached out to accommodate a polarized electorate wielding vague threats to immigrate.

JetBlue's Election Protection campaign offers an unusual promise: "If your candidate doesn't win, don't worry. Election Protection could be your ticket out of the country."

In fact, it could be quite a few people's tickets out of the country. 1,006 voters (with travel companions -- a.k.a. 2,012 flyers) whose candidate lost the election* will be able to console themselves with free tickets to escape to the Caribbean or Latin America.

*Don't get too excited if you've been planning to vote for a third-party candidate.
You have to choose between Democrat or Republican to enter the contest.

Don't worry, armchair pundits, the #JetBlueElectionProtection campaign is more silly than cynical. JetBlue's EP website offers the motivating message, "For some true election protection / vote for real Nov. 6th."

If you need any further motivation to vote, remember: All tickets are roundtrip!

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