10-11-12: Business Intelligence is more than numbers

10-11-12: Business Intelligence is more than numbers

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
11. October 2012 13:14

Time After Time

Today's date has an interesting ring to it. It's distinctive, just like your business. The numerical pattern, an upward trend, reminds us that numbers are more than detached data points.

10-11-12 is significant because we define it as such. Likewise, your shipping statistics – such as transportation spend, carrier performance and service level optimization – should be easy to understand and intuitive to employ.

With CTSI-Global's Business Intelligence applications, shippers and logistics service providers choose the key performance indicators that keep their company moving forward:

Go beyond data. CTSI-Global offers a closer look into the operational, tactical and strategic models with intelligence that can shape business.

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