Freight Fun Friday #1: Croc on the lam - exclusive photo

Freight Fun Friday #1: Croc on the lam - exclusive photo

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
28. September 2012 07:00

Have you heard about the crocodile that commandeered the cargo hold of a Qantas flight? The reptile wriggled free on an intra-Australian flight, but we'll spare you the obvious Crocodile Hunter spin. For our first Freight Fun Friday, we're focusing on facts.

It's too soon to speculate whether the crocodile had planned to visit relatives or if it had something more sinister on its itinerary. Perhaps it was simply searching for the cargo bay's snack service. Here's what we do know: After a wily escape from its shipping container, the juvenile croc won free reign of the hold until baggage handlers spotted it at the destination.

Did the crocodile deliberately camouflage itself among leather luggage? If not discovered, would it have latched onto a rolling suitcase, duping an unwitting traveler to smuggle it out of the airport?

"Entirely possible," suggests our surveillance snapshot,* below.

Croc on the lam
Adapting to an aero-habitat: Crocodile hides amid cargo camouflage

*surveyed via image editing software, thousands of miles from the cosmopolitan croc

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