Cheers to Labor Day!

Cheers to Labor Day!

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
31. August 2012 06:40

How do you plan to celebrate Labor Day? Beer? Games? How bout The Beer Game?

The Beer Game

Origins of The Beer Game

In the early 1960s, MIT professors developed The Beer Game to simulate supply chain management lessons, specifically the bullwhip effect.

Today, it can be played either as a classroom board game or online.

"Chaos": How one MIT professor described The Beer Game

"Chaos reigns in my classroom," wrote Professor John D. Sterman in 1992. "Eighty students are shouting, gesturing, and laughing while counting poker chips and turning over cards. A thick roll of $1 bills awaits the winners. A field trip to Las Vegas? No, it's the 'Beer Game', a role-playing simulation designed to teach principles of management science." 

Where to Play The Beer Game

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