How to choose a 3PL: Key performance integration

How to choose a 3PL: Key performance integration

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
13. August 2012 14:39

Key performance integration

Will your potential logistics service provider remain a valuable partner years down the road?

3PL Award 2012

Even if you're only looking to outsource one logistics service or technology at this time, consider whether a potential 3PL could integrate your logistics data with future partners. CTSI-Global offers solutions that integrate with Intranet / enterprise systems such as WMS, ERP and order management systems. Conversely, our solutions integrate with Internet / logistics systems, including the capability to connect with 17,000 carriers.

A TMS without integration functionality is a truck without axles. You may have the pieces to move your supply chain, but without the connections, you'll get nowhere fast.

"Strategic supply chain vision is a key measurement of 3PL excellence. For having that kind of supply chain expertise and vision, Inbound Logistics editors recognize CTSI-Global as a 2012 Top 100 3PL Provider," wrote Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics.

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About CTSI-Global

CTSI-Global is a Top 100 third-party logistics provider, offering excellence in end-to-end supply chain solutions for shippers and logistics service providers. Founded in 1955, CTSI-Global offers a full array of Transportation Management System applications, Business Intelligence solutions, Freight Audit and Payment services and more.

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To choose a 3PL company you need to know the level of service they provide as well as establish their objectives.

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Chicago warehouses

The services provided by a 3PL company vary, but generally include transportation of freight, consolidation services, warehousing, customs clearance and delivery of freight.. Nice resources!

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Really good information on 3PL, thank you. 3PL is a very important part of industry in general, it opens a lot of opportunities for companies that they may not have otherwise,

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