12 videos that rethink logistics, pt. 3: Fulfillment

12 videos that rethink logistics, pt. 3: Fulfillment

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
28. June 2012 10:00

12 videos that rethink logistics

7) Packaging Products

Sustainability and waste reduction: "It's simply crazy to do this -- to put a liter and a half of petrol in the trash every time you get a package."

8) Transportation

Adapting technology to driver needs: "We have already an autonomous vehicle: We just put a blind person in it, and we're done, right? We couldn't have been more wrong."

9) Materials Handling / Pick and Pack

Improving productivity and job satisfaction: "We're using dynamic and adaptive algorithms to tune the floor of the warehouse."

Stay tuned! Tomorrow's topics: Distribution - Retail, Redistribution and Rental - Reverse Logistics

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