12 videos that rethink logistics, pt. 1: Vision

12 videos that rethink logistics, pt. 1: Vision

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
26. June 2012 12:00

12 videos that rethink logistics

Welcome to our first video series! For the next four days, we'll be spotlighting unorthodox approaches to supply chain management courtesy of TEDTalks.

1) Finding a Problem to Solve

Observation: "What if we could prevent electrical fires before they start?"

2) Research & Development

Innovating to meet community needs: "What are the challenges in getting value for money as well as value for many?"

3) Sharing Ideas

Open-sourcing and crowdsourcing innovations: "If this idea is truly sound, then the implications are significant... a newly relevant DIY / maker culture can hope to transcend artificial scarcity."

Stay tuned! Tomorrow's topics: Sourcing - Purchasing and Procurement - Manufacturing

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