Go ahead jump on the social media bandwagon… there is plenty of room!

Go ahead jump on the social media bandwagon… there is plenty of room!

by Misty Farmer Koopman
14. June 2012 10:05

As everyone is starting to realize, social media is slowly taking over the waves of communication. People of all ages are chiming in, testing it out and starting to have fun with it. Even my dad now has a Facebook page… Wow. He doesn't even text on his phone, yet he has quickly figured out the ins and outs of posting on walls, uploading pictures and surfing around. I guess he understands if he wants to know what is going on in me and my brother's lives, he ought to learn to use social media. I see couples tell each other something via Twitter instead of picking up the phone or simply walking downstairs. Also, you learn about your friends getting engaged, having a baby or a new promotion online instead of in person or on the phone.

So why do we feel the need to tell the world or anyone that will pay attention what we are doing, our history, who we are working for; even recommend companies, products, friends, etc.? Why? Because it is so much easier than any other form of communication! Just think, hundreds of years ago, people waited days for news as someone rode their horse through the countryside just to deliver a single letter.

However, there is one thing that is unfortunate. Social media has been given a stereotype that it is only meant as a form to socialize and is more of a personal hobby. As a Marketing Manager, I was ecstatic to see social media grow and come to life. I was up front and center when the news of Twitter and LinkedIn came out. I knew that one day it would take off. Nevertheless, it did take a lot of convincing to my boss that it is an effective way to market our company, spread the word and discuss industry trends with other people in my industry and those looking for what we can provide.

Bosses and companies of all industries should clear that perception and give it a chance. I know, what can social media really do for the supply chain and transportation industry?… Well, company-to-company communication is just as effective as person-to-person. LinkedIn has been successful in this industry since it allows users to create group discussions. All members can easily see if there are new jobs, new interests, services needed, if anyone else is facing similar issues, loads that need to be picked up, and lanes available. It goes on and on.

Now almost all the social media networks have areas in which companies can create their own page or company profile. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread and boy does it make my job a little easier. Also, companies don’t realize that it helps your website optimization and can increase your online organic visibility.

In conclusion, I encourage everyone to utilize social media in the workplace, get involved, market your company, and find groups to discuss with fellow coworkers. What else do you have to lose?

This blog was inspired by an email from Logistics Viewpoints. The article by Adrian Gonzales offers further insight into the subject and encourages our industry to get onboard.

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