A political comedy of errors

A political comedy of errors

by Cliff Lynch
3. April 2012 15:59

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RQQPAJCBDH8J -- Technorati confirmation code. For several years now, Congress has known that transportation funding was going to expire on March 31, 2012; and finally, on March 13, the Senate did pass a two-year $109 million funding of U.S. highways and transit systems.

The bill probably was not all it should have been, but it wasn't a bad effort. The president of the American Trucking Associations said, this "is an example of how things should work in Washington."

Naturally, the House had its own version, but they could not even agree on that, thus passing nothing.

Finally, on March 30, President Obama signed a bill extending the current legislation for another 90 days which eliminated the possibility of all funding being cut off. This was the ninth time that the current legislation, passed in 2009, has been extended. So, here we go again................ This is to me, an example of how things really work in Washington -- slowly, inefficiently, and myopic.

There is nothing we need worse in this country than improved infrastructure, but our Congressional leaders cannot seem to bite the bullet.

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