Quick App for Quickbooks

Quick App for Quickbooks

by Misty Farmer Koopman
17. February 2012 11:58

Nowadays technology advances at an all-time speed. Every day a new development hits the market, eliminating the need to do anything manually -- you can now seemingly rule the world with just your Internet connection. The days of double entry and needing several devices to complete tasks are becoming extinct. Consolidation appears to be the light bulb that exploded, and one of the key drivers to the latest technology trends.

Intuit and Quickbooks are ahead of this concept as well. They decided to partner with AgileShip SE to allow their customers to no longer have to login and logout of multiple systems to complete tasks. AgileShip SE is the first shipping app to sync with Quickbooks data. With the integration of these applications, small businesses can not only manage their customers, finances, sales processes, billing and invoices but can now also automate their mail, parcel and freight shipments all within the same application to save time and to better manage their existing workflow.

Shipping applications, such as the CTSI-Global TMS, are generally designed for large companies with large volumes. Now, smaller organizations can discover the benefits and save money as well. Users can not only integrate into their Quickbooks to easily generate shipments, but they can also:

  • Automate mail, parcel and freight weighing, rating, labeling and documentation with one simple solution
  • Detect if a destination is commercial or residential, which helps avoid fees
  • Expand your business globally with automated international export forms processing
  • Improve customer service with AgileShip SE shipment tracking
  • Find the best delivery service at the best price every time by comparing hundreds of carrier services
  • Reduce costs by accessing special discounted carrier rates, insurance and other services offered to AgileShip SE users
  • Get expert analysis to enable you to make intelligent shipping choices every time
  • Reconcile your expected shipping costs vs. actual carrier invoice costs to ensure you pay only what you owe
  • Streamline payments through your Pitney Bowes Account -- receive one statement, make one payment and see one view into all your carrier charges

It is impressive to see all these advances for the single user. Most importantly, all of this functionality is available through a low monthly subscription fee, making it cost effective for small businesses.

CTSI-Global is happy to partner with AgileShip SE to ensure that companies of any size get the shipping solution that best fits their business model and budget. If you are a small business looking to get more out of your Quickbooks and want to efficiently ship your products, we recommend AgileShip SE.

Disclosure: Visit our Partners page for more about CTSI-Global's partnership with Agile Network.

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