@CTSIGlobal celebrates 500 Twitter followers!

@CTSIGlobal celebrates 500 Twitter followers!

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
3. February 2012 12:17

R.T. Canary

Last Halloween, Laffy Taffy joked about how to use social media in the supply chain:

Q. What did the 500-lb. canary say?


OK, so the kid who mailed in that joke probably has no idea what the supply chain is. And I wouldn't describe myself as a monster finch of any kind. But you gotta love the enthusiasm with which the canary TWEETS!!!

@CTSIGlobal has been active on Twitter since June 2010. We've enjoyed having the chance to discuss the supply chain issues of the day as they happen and with people from all across the industry. We later added @SupplyScholars to reach out to students seeking to network about their supply chain education.

Industry leaders and media, executives and truckers, professors and students, we appreciate all of our fantastic followers, readers, commenters, retweeters, paper.li publishers and everyone else who tweets with us!

If you're not on Twitter...

You don't have to be out of the loop; you can get our updates via text message! Here's how:

  • For @CTSIGlobal supply chain news (about 5-10 / week):
    • Text 40404 with the message: Follow CTSIGlobal
  • For @SupplyScholars logistics student news (about once a week):
    • Text 40404 with the message: Follow SupplyScholars

Marly Hazen is Webmaster at CTSI-Global and Editor of The Link.

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