INFOGRAPHIC: More broken bridges than Golden Arches

INFOGRAPHIC: More broken bridges than Golden Arches

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
14. November 2011 09:35

Recently, Transportation for America released a report with a startling statistic: "There are more deficient bridges in our metropolitan areas than there are McDonald's restaurants in the entire country."

More Broken Bridges Than Golden Arches

View all sizes, and embed from Flickr. Available for reprint (optimized for 8.5x11 inches).

- Transportation for America: The Fix We're In For: The State of Our Nation's Busiest Bridges | PR
- Daily Kos Labor: Americans cross 18,000 structurally deficient bridges 210 million times a day
- Images: Las Vegas, by Jess1820 | Pittsburgh, by daveynin | US map, by Theshibboleth

What should be done to address the problem of aging infrastructure in the US? What topics would you like to see for future infographics? Please share your comments!

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