Piper's Pipeline: September 10 - September 16, 2011

Piper's Pipeline: September 10 - September 16, 2011

by Don Piper
19. September 2011 09:21

Motor transport

ODOT chains up

  • Colorado has a requirement that all truckers crossing the Rocky Mountains on I-70 must have snow chains on board to provide traction in inclement weather. Chains are required to be on board from September 1 through May 31. To enable truckers to install chains, there are 21 chain stations maintained along I-70. The first snowfall can hit at any time in the higher elevations.
  • New technology called an Inspection Management System (IMS) can detect from the roadside whether a vehicle is current on its registration and insurance. The technology is expected to be available in the US and could be expanded to save North American cargo fleets time on the road and in the offices.

Rail transport

  • The railroads operating in the Northeast are still experiencing difficulty caused by Tropical Storm Lee. A "'compressed' peak season" is expected by UP. They predict that customers expect that intermodal traffic will increase.
    • The railroad is doing quite well from shipments of petroleum out of the Bakken Shale formation, chemicals, agriculture and industrial products.
  • Canadian National Railway Co. has been given tentative approval to take an option on the purchase of 800 acres of public land in Memphis.
    • CN plans to use the land to build a $300 million development of Memphis Logistic Park, supporting 5,000 employees.
    • The land is priced at $12,000 per acre. The option is for 10 years.

Air transport

Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 (Colgan/Continental/United)

  • Colgan Air, a regional carrier that is part of the Pinnacle Group, has been fined nearly $1.9 million by the FAA for allowing flight attendants who were untrained on procedures for an on-board fire extinguisher model. The attendants had been trained to use a halogen type, for Saab 340 aircraft, instead of the type for Q400 aircraft.
    • A total of 84 untrained crew members operated on 172 flights after having been notified by the FAA of the lack of training.
    • Colgan Air operates as Continental Connection and United Express, primarily in the northeastern US.
  • A grant from the US to Vietnam will fund a feasibility study to determine market potential, to identify infrastructure needs and to recommend a public-private investment and financial arrangement for the Da Nang Airport passenger terminal. The grant is for $538,886.


  • Daimler announced an increase of 1,400 employees at 3 North American truck plants: Mt. Holly, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon; Saltillo, Mexico. Some 120 shop and staff employees will be added at its Gastonic, North Carolina, parts plant. Daimler makes Freightliner and Western Star brands.
  • Cummins announced that they will add 600 white-collar workers to a new office building at its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. When completed in 2013, Cummins will employ nearly 3,000 employees, 3 times the number employed there in 2008.


  • 3 earthquakes occurred Thursday, Sept. 15. Magnitudes: 6.0 in Cuba, 77 miles from Montego Bay; 6.2 off east coast of Japan; 6.4 near Vancouver, British Columbia. No damages have been reported.
  • Some longshoremen are concerned about what Daggett will do. Daggett was elected president of the Longshoremen Union. A strike on the East Coast is expected in 2012.
  • The DOT freight transport index rose 3.8% in July from a year ago. Shipments were down 2.3% from the period of July 2006 to July 2011 but up 10% from July 2001.
  • Imports at the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports decreased 9.4% from July to August. Outbound at LA increased 12.8% for the same period.

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