Piper's Pipeline: September 3 - September 9, 2011

Piper's Pipeline: September 3 - September 9, 2011

by Don Piper
15. September 2011 14:13


When Pigs FLY

  • A Russian cargo airline contracted to transport a cargo consisting of animals from Winnipeg to Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. The cargo consisted of 1,150 pigs weighing a total of over 60 tons. The plane was equipped with special double and triple deck shipping stalls. Recently the company, Air Bridge Cargo, transported a whale, walruses, rare horses, cows and foxes.
  • Dubai-backed Move One transported military working dogs from Iraq to Houston, TX. The dogs had been trained for numerous tasks, from providing security to the Mexican Embassy to guarding frontline camps and sniffer dogs tracking improvised explosive devices (IED's). 4 animal experts from Move One's Iraq office, 2 from Dubai and an additional 4 caretakers and 6 handlers accompanied the dogs.
  • The West Coast ports reported a year-over-year decrease of 3% in container traffic in July. 8% increase in imports was offset by a decrease in export volume.
  • A prediction by Boeing reports that China will need 5,000 new planes by 2030, making it the 2nd-largest aircraft market. The value of the new commercial planes is placed at $600 billion. Boeing predicts that China's demand for commercial aircraft will rise by 15%.
  • Hong Kong has plans to increase its presence, announcing plans to improve the infrastructure. Included in the plans are: possible addition of a 3rd runway at Hong Kong International Airport, deepening the shipping channels to more than 55 feet to accommodate the large container ships, improving container terminals to double present capacity, building a bridge connecting Hong Kong and Guandong province and the west side of the Pearl River Delta.

Business and miscellaneous

  • According to an economics professor at Harvard University, the US never actually came out of the Great Recession.
  • Despite budget problems, there is a report that the federal government intends to increase the number of employees, over 2 million: by 10% in the next decade. Federal jobs are said to be available in every state for most skill levels. Federal jobs are said to be some of the best paying in the US. The federal government is the largest employer in the US.
  • A San Antonio man has been charged by a federal grand jury with harassment over some 20,000 tweets, some of them threatening. Court records show that Gregory King was arrested in Texas and transported to San Francisco to face charges that he threatened Google Vice-President Marissa Mayer, the company's first female engineer. King faces up to 7 years if convicted.
  • Car manufacturer Saab filed for bankruptcy protection in Stockholm. Saab was waiting for proceeds from an attempt to borrow money from Chinese investors. Threats had been made by some parts providers to force involuntary bankruptcy. Workers at Saab facilities and parts suppliers have not been paid for several weeks.
    • The CEO, Mr. Muller, said they were waiting for a loan from the Chinese businessmen, which was held up while awaiting government approval in China.
  • The Google office in South Korea has been raided by South Korea's antitrust regulator as part of an investigation. Google denies any allegations.
  • Sprint Nextel Corp. has filed suit in federal court in the District of Columbia to attempt to block AT&T Inc.'s purchase of T-Mobile. The basis of this suit is that it would harm competition and innovation in the wireless industry. The case is related to the US Department of Justice case filed last week.
  • Piston Tank has introduced a new tanker trailer that has a capability of unloading bulk commodities in 2 hours what takes a conventional trailer 8 hours.
  • FBI agents have executed search warrants at the headquarters of Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer in California. This company received over $500 million in federal loans before filing for bankruptcy. The filing resulted in 1,100 employees' being laid off.
    • The FBI raid underscores that Solyndra was a bad bet for the loan, putting taxpayers at an unnecessary risk.

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