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Supporting our clients and carriers in their own language!

by Lucille Lepez
21. September 2015 08:50

Global connections
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One size does not fit all!

This summarizes our major learning while expanding our business throughout the world and working with multiple countries across various regions and time zones.

Being a serious global freight auditor means we have to accommodate key international requirements such as:

  • Short payment, credit note & mail-back systems
  • Local languages & support within the region time zone
  • Electronic invoice compliance
  • Tax requirements (VAT, GST, consumption tax, withholding tax, GUI...)
  • Units of measure, secondary carriers
  • Payment in various currencies
  • Currency of contract vs currency of payment, conversion validation & tolerance, ROE
  • Duty and taxes invoices...

Having a global vision together with keeping a local approach is key to all global projects we manage. With the global expansion of freight audit & payment we now have multilingual employees in our implementation, customer services, carrier services & IT departments.  These employees are based within our offices in America, Europe or Asia.

All languages are supported internally, by experienced CTSI-Global employees.

We strongly believe that being able to support our clients in their own languages is a key added-value that helps us maintain our position as leader within the global freight audit industry.

Another step toward global freight audit services: CTSI-Global develops an online credit note system

by Lucille Lepez
8. November 2011 09:07

With the concept of freight bill auditing and payment focused primarily on the US market, CTSI-Global recognized the potential for this solution outside the USA and has become a recognized leader for global freight audit and payment solutions.

Foreign Currency and Coins

As per our pledge, "A global vision, a local approach," CTSI-Global constantly develops its solutions and services in order to comply with the various billing systems around the world.

As part of this endless quest, CTSI-Global has created a Web-based tool that allows clients and carriers to integrate credit notes to our freight audit system, reducing the workload for all parties. More...