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Video: 'Thought Leader Life' Interview with CEO Ken Hazen

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
12. May 2015 08:15

Thought Leadership Life logoRecently, Mitchell Levy and guest co-host Jim Canfield interviewed Ken Hazen, President and CEO of CTSI-Global, for the business leadership podcast Thought Leader Life.

As part of a month-long series called "Lonely at the Top," Levy and Canfield focused their questions on the role of the CEO, both among peer CEOs and regarding how best to lead employees. Hazen also addressed generational attitudes toward different communications technologies.

Some of the most interesting quotes from the series have been captured in an ebook of "Aha moments," which can be read here. Here is a sample of "Aha" quotes from Hazen's interview:

  • "As the CEO, you become personally invested in the organization. You take care of the employees and their families." - Ken Hazen
  • "In any organization, it's important to have mutual loyalty between the CEO & their team." - Jim Canfield
  • "CEOs don't pay people to say, 'Yes'. You pay people to think." - Ken Hazen

Watch the full video below or check out the audio podcast:

Employee Satisfaction

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
4. May 2015 08:00

Recently, our President and CEO Ken Hazen shared his thoughts on LinkedIn about how to encourage employee satisfaction.

Recognition and being heard are the keys to keeping and growing employees long term.  I have done MBWA (Management By Walking Around) before it was a thing.  We have had picnics, bowling leagues, baseball and soccer teams, Star Awards, VIP Awards, baseball and basketball ticket giveaways, lunches (we call them Hogaramas), etc., but the most satisfying (besides handing out an arbitrary bonus) is walking up and saying thank you.  Preferably in front of their peers.  Private one-on-one time in my office or their office or cubicle is excellent as well.

April Fool's Day 2015 in the Supply Chain News

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
1. April 2015 17:20

A little logistics levity for April Fool's Day 2015!

And a few throwback April Fool's posts from CTSI-Global:

Wordly Wednesday: Infrastructure in the 2015 State of the Union [VIDEO]

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
28. January 2015 06:00

In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Obama made a point to discuss strengthening multimodal infrastructure and Internet utilities:

"Twenty-first century businesses need 21st century infrastructure: Modern ports, and stronger bridges; faster trains, and the fastest Internet."

What Shippers Can Learn from

by Marly Hazen McQuillen
22. January 2015 08:15

Recently, entrepreneur Mathew Carpenter launched the quirky, which ships the glitz promised by the URL. After being spotlighted with tongue-in-cheek commentary ("The ultimate troll product"), the start-up's viral success crashed the site within hours.

Soon it seemed that the owner could no longer bear the occupational annoyance of packaging thousands of envelopes of glitter. Carpenter implored the Internet to "[p]lease stop buying this horrible glitter product" and listed the company for sale. While the site's visibility likely achieved the goal of this serial entrepreneur, the sparkle start-up's viral victory highlights a lesson that is key to long-term logistics success.

Is your company introducing a catchy product that has the potential to go viral? Before the launch, it's important to bear in mind a particular business necessity: Scalability.

When expanding your business, what do you need for supply chain scalability?

  • Flexibility. Look for Software-as-a-Service systems that can be customized. Some TMS providers, including CTSI-Global, enable you to integrate new applications as your business needs change.
  • Business Intelligence. Dashboards, online reporting tools and "what if?" modeling provide data visibility to enable you to adapt your logistics operations to keep pace with supply and demand.
  • Global Business Compatibility. Based in Australia, the glitter shipper had pledged to send its self-described "Glitter as a Service" worldwide. If you will be shipping around the world, keep in mind that your 3PLs will need to work with international logistics regulations.